How to use MixerVape

The first step is to pick your ingredients. MixerVape lets you choose and combine up to five flavours of e-liquid. Looking for the perfect posh dessert? Try Chocolate with a hint of Griotte Cherry. Mad about mint? Go all out with a triple-mint extravaganza.

Next it’s time to blend! You get to get decide how much of each flavour goes into the final product. Try 50% Mango and 50% Passionfruit for a taste of the tropics. For something more unusual spice up your vape with 5% Liquorice or warming Star Anise. 

If you fancy something weird and wonderful hit the ‘Random’ button. We’ll generate a brand new name and blend from our fantastic selection of flavours.

Now all that’s left is to give your creation a name. All soon as we get your order we’ll hand-blend your personalised vape and deliver it straight to your door. Customising your vape has never been so easy.

Questions? Let us know.

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